In Honor of Amun

                      In Honor Of Amun

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               This site has been created to try and help you along your Magickal Journey in any and every way possible by providing an area for discussion, as well as information from various sources. Here, you can ask questions and get any help you may need. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have. This site is also meant to be a home away from home, knowing not everyone is acceptive to the Magickal Path. If we don't have the information you seek, we will try to find and provide it to you.

There is a way for you to buy hand crafted items, magickal tools included. Our Store is under Forums. Every item is hand crafted, and eventually there will be pictures to go along with the item descriptions so you can see an example of each item. If you don't have a PayPale account, under Location is an address for you to send your payments and any donations for the site. The donations as well as the order money will be used to help make this site better. To place an order, just respond to the subjects. Once you've placed your order and payment is received, you'll receive notification that your payment was received and you're order will be created. If for some reason we are not able to get your order to you in the time stated, you will be notified.

  If you have any questions or ideas for the site, please email me, and please, enjoy!

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                                Our Store

                     Just a Reminder

       Our Store is located in the Forums section. One thing you may notice is that the Elemental Colors are not your typical Corresponding Elemental Colors. The reason for this is because they're a little confusing for some, therefore hard for them to remember. So referring to Colors and Their Magickal Associations, you get the colors I chose for the items in the store as well as my own everyday practices.

 Your purchases will help us to raise money for the fundraisers we post, help those who come to us in need, as well as helping the website to grow. If you'd like to make a donation specifically, please see the donation section or the location section and send your donation in check or money order to the address listed. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope with your donation and follow the instructions listed for this method of donation.


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